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Search for Bedford Borough planning applications, appeals, enforcement cases and other planning documents.

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Refer to the 'how to' guides for help and guidance on planning matters and our related records systems.

View and find applications, enforcement and appeals 1995-2022

View and comment on planning applications

Please read our guide to commenting and personal data and help with using the database above.

Search maps 

You can also find planning constraints using the 'Search maps' button above. Read guide 2 ‘using the map’ for help.

Find application numbers 1948-1997

Please refer to guide 3 for assistance.

View all decision notices, S106 agreements and enforcement notices 

You need the application numbers to view the documentation. Please refer to the 'how to' guides and the links above to find your numbers.

View decision notices and S106 documents 1948-2022

For enforcement notices read the spreadsheet and guide on this link:

Enforcement notices 1957-2022 

View Bedfordshire County Council documents

View planning documents owned by the former Bedfordshire County Council:  

View Bedfordshire County Council applications

View other planning documentation

View other planning documentation

This includes:

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