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Activities for children and young people

We provide children and young people with a range of sport and fitness activities to choose from, allowing them to stay healthy and have fun.

Whatever your age or level of ability, taking part in sport and physical activity can help improve your health and wellbeing.

The Sports Development Team are gradually re-introducing a wide range and variety of sports and physical activity sessions. Some programmes such as Active Adults, GP Exercise Referral, Mindful Sport have already returned whilst others have been updated and re-branded e.g. Over 70 has become Live Longer Better – Bedford.

Working with new partners, the Blues Foundation and Sportzone will return shortly and plans are in hand for the return of sports sessions for adults with a disability.

Following on from the success of the Live Online Classes, some of these continue to happen and for those people who feel they wish to continue to exercise at home. Details of all sessions can be found at Bedford Sports LIVE.

We also offer a range of pre-recorded sessions in a variety of activities on our u tube channel. Full details can be found at Bedford Activity Sessions.

To keep updated with any changes please sign up to our email bulletin. Thank you for participating in our sessions. 

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