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Missed bin collection

Due to treacherous road conditions, all recycling, refuse and bulky waste collections were suspended on Monday 25 January 2021. This is to protect our employees, vehicles and other road users.

Collections this week will run a day behind – for example Monday's collection being picked up on Tuesday and so on, ending with Friday's collection being collected Saturday.

Please place your bins out on your normal collection day and leave them out until they are collected. We will work hard to catch up as much as possible so we may be able to collect bins on your normal collection day.

Normal schedules will resume from Monday 1 February 2021.

You can only report a missed bin collection if:

  • you left your bin out in the correct place on the correct day by 6am
  • you are reporting a missed bin within 2 working days of the original collection day

It won’t be considered a ‘missed bin’ unless all of these apply. You will need to wait until your next scheduled collection.

If we agree a collection has been missed we will return within the next 2 working days from when you report it.