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Trees in Bedford Borough

We are proud to be planting 10,000 trees across the Borough in 2021/22.

Thousands of trees add to Bedford Borough's unique character and are the building blocks for our environment. 

Trees help us in lots of ways, by improving our air, providing us with shade, bringing communities together, boosting biodiversity, reducing flooding, helping our mental health and adding to our economy.

Bedford Borough Council works hard to manage the Borough's trees and to help make it a nicer place by planting more.

Here is some more information on ways that you can enjoy, get involved, and report issues with trees across the Borough. 

The Queen’s Green Canopy

We helped celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with the Queen’s Green Canopy project. After 70 years on the throne and planting many trees, Her Royal Highness marked her Jubilee with a tree planting and protection project.

To mark this, Bedford Borough Council is going to plant a tree in every ward and create a new avenue in Goldington Green leading to the war memorial. You can find more about this here

Big tree giveaway

You can also collect free trees from our Big Tree Giveaway. We are offering 5000 trees from a selection of native trees and shrubs from small dogwoods up to mighty oaks to plant in your own garden or private land. Everyone in the Borough is welcome from residents to farmers to schools and community groups.

You can read more about this in our FAQ and care guide. 

Sponsor a tree

Bedford Borough Council is now offering residents the chance to sponsor a new tree in a street location (of your choosing, subject to survey) or a local park.  We’ve joined the national scheme, Trees for Streets, to make it easy for residents to make a contribution to towards a new tree. Read more about this project here. 

Help us water a tree

If there is a newly planted tree with support stakes you can help by watering the tree during the summer months. In the first year of planting trees need watering once or twice a week, in the second every other week and from the third on when it is hot and dry while young. Giving the tree a good drink with 20 litres of water is better than little and often.

Follow a tree trail

We currently have tree trails in:

With more on the way. Tree Trails are a great way to learn a bit about some of our parks and the most significant trees.

Volunteer on our planting days

Each year Bedford Borough Council plants thousands of trees in our parks and greenspaces. For a great day out and a chance to leave your mark on the town, come and help the environment by planting trees with us. Contact: to get involved and see our volunteer page for other volunteer groups.

Blossom circle

Look forward to our Blossom Circle in Bowhill Park. This circle will be a great place to come and commemorate those lost to the Covid-19 pandemic and remember the sacrifices that we all made. At the same time being a beautiful attraction in the spring that reminds of new life each year.

Community orchards

There are community orchards in Queen’s Park near Woodstock road and Lancaster road that will provide great habitat for wildlife and delicious fruits for residents in the autumn.

Sakura Cherry Tree Project

The Sakura Cherry Tree Project is to mark the 150 years of Japan-UK friendship. The project was launched by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Theresa May. It has donated trees to Jubilee Park to celebrate the beautiful blossom famously produced by Japans trees for years to come.

Day out in the woods

Bedford is fortunate enough to have great woodland nearby, some that are even Ancient Semi- Natural woodland. These include Putnoe Wood, Clapham Park Wood, Berry Wood, Browns Wood, Yelnow Wood and Dog Field. For more publicly accessible woods please see our partner: The Forest of Marston Vale.

Report an issue

If you see a tree that is dangerous please report this to our helpdesk by calling 01234 718060. For other issues with our highway or park trees, please visit our tree management page for more information. 

TPO and protected trees

Visit here for more information about TPOs and protected trees.