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Memorial benches and trees

 Memorial benches in Bedford

Creating a memorial for a loved one, either as a plaque on a park bench, or by planting a tree for them, leaves a lasting legacy.

You may also wish to create a memorial to mark a special event or occasion.


If you decide to dedicate a bench within a council park or green space, this can either be in the form of a new cast bronze plaque fitted onto an existing bench, or a completely new bench (subject to location).

The parks in which dedications can be located include:

  • Bedford Park
  • The Embankment
  • Mowsbury Park 
  • Russell Park 
  • Priory Country Park

They remain in place for 15 years.

Dedication trees

What better way to celebrate the life of a loved one lost, than with a living tree that will grace one of Bedford’s beautiful parks for decades to come.

We supply commemorative and celebration trees which are three to four metres tall with a well-developed head of branches through our partnership with Trees for Streets. Please visit our scheme on Trees for Streets to fill in a request

Request a memorial 

Our Commemorative Benches and Trees scheme application process is currently under review. Please check back at a later date for further information.