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Maintaining our green spaces

A Bedford lake

We maintain our open spaces, parks and playing fields to a high standard and carry out the following regular tasks:

  • Cutting grass
  • Removing fallen leaves
  • Planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and hedges
  • Maintaining rose beds
  • Planting spring bulbs
  • Painting and maintaining playground and sports pitch surfaces
  • Supporting local volunteer groups 
  • Maintaining bowling greens, cricket/sport pitches and putting greens
  • Designing and planting floral displays 
  • Providing horticultural advice
  • Weed and vegetation cutting along Council waterways

Weeds in our parks and open amenity spaces (not on the highway)

 If you are concerned about weeds on a road, pavement or gully please report it here.

Why we control weeds

  • Safety: weeds in kerbs or around drains can prevent or slow down drainage of surface water. Their growth on pavements in parks and open amenity spaces may damage the surface causing broken and uneven surfacing.
  • Structure: weed growth can destroy paving surfaces, force kerbs apart and crack walls, causing safety issues and greatly increasing our maintenance costs.

How we control weeds

Weeds are controlled using environmentally friendly and effective herbicides. When the herbicide is applied to a weed, usually by spraying, it works its way through the plant killing it completely. On contact with soil the herbicide breaks down into harmless substances.

The herbicides used in Bedford Borough have a very low toxicity to humans, animals and insects and can be used in areas open to the public and their pets. We do not use herbicides in areas close to water courses.

We are committed to exploring alternatives methods of weed control over the coming years. We regularly consult with independent experts to ensure that we are fully up-to-date with changes in legislation, herbicide recommendations and commercial practice.

We welcome your observations and feedback about Bedford Borough parks and green spaces, please use our online feedback form.