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Disabled facilities grants

Disabled Facilities Grants may be available to disabled people who need essential adaptation work carried out to give them greater freedom of movement in and around their home.

The maximum grant available is £30,000 subject to a means test.

Types of work covered by the grant

The types of work that are covered by a Disabled Facilities Grant include:

  • Making it easier to get in and out of the dwelling by, for example, widening doors, levelling thresholds and installing ramps.
  • Ensuring the safety of the disabled person and other occupants by, for example, providing a specially adapted room in which it would be safe to leave a disabled person unattended or improved lighting to ensure better visibility.
  • Making access to the living room and kitchen easier.
  • Providing or improving access to the bedroom, toilet, washbasin and bath (and/or shower) facilities; for example, by installing a stair lift or providing a downstairs bedroom and bathroom.
  • Improving or providing a heating system in the home that’s suitable for the needs of the disabled person.
  • Adapting heating or lighting controls to make them easier to use.
  • Improving access and movement around the home to enable the disabled person to care for another person who lives in the property, such as a spouse, child or another person for whom the disabled person cares.

How to apply for a grant

All Disabled Facilities Grants are subject to a means test of resources except in the case of disabled children where a nil contribution will be required of parents or carers.

All applicants for Disabled Facilities Grants will be referred to have their needs assessed by an Occupational Therapist (OT) from Bedford Social Services. To be placed on their waiting list, contact the OT Duty Desk on 01234 718006. 

You can contact Bedford Borough Council's Home Improvement Team on 01234 718294.