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LibraryPlus consultation

What we consulted on

Extending LibraryPlus to Kempston and Putnoe libraries.

Bedford Borough Council carried out a public consultation and review of its Library Service in 2016. This informed the development of a Library Strategy for the period 2017-22 and led to the introduction of a digital library model known as LibraryPlus at Bedford Central, Wootton and Bromham libraries.

LibraryPlus provides a mixture of staffed hours as well as using technology to allow access to customers during unstaffed, self-service hours. During the self-service hours, LibraryPlus customers can enter the libraries to browse the shelves, borrow and return items, use the computers, study and work, and meet friends and family.

The introduction of LibraryPlus has been a success, allowing an increase in opening hours and providing a more flexible, convenient service for customers.

We are now proposing to extend LibraryPlus to Kempston and Putnoe libraries.

You can view a summary of the proposal here: LibraryPlus – Summary document (PDF).

More information about LibraryPlus

View a video of Cllr Doug McMurdo, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, explaining the proposal here.

View a video demonstrating how access to libraries works during self-service LibraryPlus hours here.

Read LibraryPlus frequently asked questions here (PDF).

The consultation has now closed 

What happens next

Responses to the consultation will be considered by the Council’s Executive at its meeting in June 2021. If approved, it is anticipated that LibraryPlus would be introduced at Putnoe Library and Kempston Library by the end of 2021.